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Custom Website Reports and Analytics on Conversions and Website Traffic

Do you have questions about your site, do you not know where to get them? Do these questions apply to you?

  • Who is coming to my website?
  • What are they doing once they get there?
  • How many people have visited?
  • How long did they stay?
  • Where did they go on my site?
  • Why am I not getting any leads?
  • How many people went to my contact form but did not send in a lead?

Reports and Google Analytics

If any of these questions apply to you, then you really need to take the time to allow us to setup Google Analytics and other reporting tools to help you get the right information about the traffic on your website.

We use customized, powerful software to give you a comprehensive report. This report tracks information on web traffic and on other traffic from other sources in a convenient single monthly report.


Monthly Analytic/ Traffic Reports - Get Started for $99.00 per month


  • Google Analytics Traffic Report
  • Facebook Activity Report
  • Twitter Activity Report
  • Google Search Keyword Ranking: 5 Keyword Phrases searched
  • Adwords Reports
  • Organic Search Traffic
  • Website Audit Report

Reports and analytics goes with the old saying, information is power. If we don't know what people are doing, how many people are coming to my site, what they are clicking on, then we're flying blind. It is incredibly important to track your activity so every  dollar you spend promoting your site needs to be justified and quantified with the report and tracking.

If you are not doing any of this than you are literally spending money and not knowing what you are getting.

Please give us a call at 204.228.2435 or Request a Quote from us.. We are a full service website design and development company, with after sales content management and SEO (Search engine Optimization) Services as well as professional, managed business grade hosting on our dedicated servers.

We want to hear from you so please get in contact with us today. We can resolve or solve your website, marketing or hosting problems.

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