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Paid Search Adwords Management

Paid Search - Ad Words

Paid search is the act of paying on a per click basis for traffic to come to your website. This is normally done through Adwords, Google's primary CPC advertising medium. Though this will get you initial results quickly, stopping paid search services stops getting traffic and being ranked.

Google Paid AdwordsAdword campaign can be complicated so take some time planning on setup and overall maintenance. It is not as simple as throwing some keywords in, making an ad then walking away. This would be nice, but unfortunately it is not a reality. 

On average the normal cost per click for a relatively small market with little competion is around .50 cent - $1.00 per click

With a more competive industry, the average can be around $1.25 - $5.00 per click.

So with this you do not want to pay and learn. In the end you will have a big bill with little to                                              show for it. 

Initial Setup Services

  • Do Keyword Reseach 
  • Setup Your Campaign
  • Set Daily Budget and CPC Max
  • Create Ad's 2-3 and Run them against each other
  • Setup Goal Tracking and Conversions 
  • Meet to discuss Goals

Ongoing Monthly Service

  • Review Keyword Reseach 
  • Track Daily Budget and Modify as needed 
  • Modify CPC Average to Maximize ad showing up
  • Review Ad's, Change and Modify to optimize the marketing message
  • Create Monthly Reports 
  • Report on Goal Tracking and Converions 

Please give us a call at 204.228.2435 or Request a Quote from us.. We are a full service website design and development company with after sales content management and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services as well as professional, managed business grade hosting on our dedicated servers.

We want to hear from you so please get in contact with us today. we can resolve or solve your website, marketing or hosting problems.

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