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Website Hosting is an integral part of your website.  At M9, we offer professional and solid hosting platform with our dedicated servers. Business hosting and basic hosting begins around $20 a month and goes up from there based on your site requirements. With our higher end hosting we offer cpanel access so you can manage your own email accounts and other essential features of your account.

Business Grade Professional Hosting ServiceThere is a difference between Domains hosting and website hosting. Domain hosting is a yearly fee to have a domain name, (ie: m9corp.com). This is always hosted by a 3rd party company and all we do is manage the renewals for you.

Website Hosting is where your website and it's resource files preside on the internet. It is basically a computer, or better known as a server, that has a secure file structure and is the physical address of your site.



Even if we have not built your site or you are simply looking for a new hosting and website provider, we can be of assistance.

Here is what we offer:

Basic Managed Hosting
Hosting packages are created with a 1 year contract and gets you a dedicated server with only M9 Customers. With no reseller packages, means you get more reliability. We offer phone support,  1 email address and webmail access for this package.

Business Managed Hosting
Business Managed Hosting is a higher tier of hosting package. You get all the same as the basic with some additional features and services. You will get an additional 5 email account, server backup, and service once per month. We also provide management of domains and e-mail training on site.

A valuable service of this package is the website updates.  These updates are included at no extra coststhroughout the year. This inclusive package provides a great deal of value to keep and maintain a website that is up to date.

Give us a call at 204.228.2435 or Request a Quote from us. We are a full service website design and development company, with after sales content management and SEO (Search engine Optimization) Services as well as professional, managed business grade hosting on our dedicated servers.

We want to hear from you so please get in contact with us today. We can resolve or solve your website, marketing or hosting problems.

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