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M9 Corporation has been building custom website for the past 14 years and have consistantly exceeded our customers needs and desires when it comes to the design and delivery of simple, straight forward innovative websites and CMS Admins. What M9 offers you is a unique solution to having access to your website with an easy way to update the pages or the entire site. 

This dedication to your customer experience, and your editing experience of your own website led us to building a Content Manangement System that delivers a inovative, intuative user experience to you our customer.

M9 CMS 2.0

M9 CMS 2.0This is a custom built UI or User Interface that brings together the best of the custom programming world and the Content Management System out their today.

We have centralized the Master CMS 2.0 Admin so when we do updates and expansions all child admins, meaning yours get the updated software. This allows your admin to get the benifits of updates and further developments now and in the future.

 Below are some of the standard features of our CMS 2.0 system. If brings together a cost effective way to have a customized website and a cms system that lets you be in control of your website.

Features of Our M9 CMS 2.0 

  • Standard Features
  • Page Management Module
  • Navigation Management Module
  • News / Announcement Management Module
  • Login Management Module
  • Document and Image Upload Tools

Additional CMS 2.0 Modules

  • Shopping Cart Management Module
  • Customer Account Module
  • Email Subscription Module
  • Order Management Module
  • Product Management Module
  • Gallery Management Module

We want to hear from you so please get in contact with us today. We can resolve or solve your website, marketing or hosting problems.

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