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Judy Lindsay Team Case Study

Below is a case study of one of our most successful clients. M9 Corporation has been supporting and providing service for the Judy Lindsay Team since 2002. We first produced the initial logo and desktop publishing materials. Since then we have designed, built and rebuilt the Judy Lindsay Website to help keep up with the changing demand that the internet and web command.

I will be examining the complete package that we have been provided by catagory of work provided. We will have images to show the progression of the brand and work we have done over the years.

" M9 has been there for us for the past 14 years, always gets back to me in a timely fashion, always has an answer to our many questions. M9 has constantly worked to impove our website traffic and  have  a big impact on why we have been so successfull over the last 14 years!"

Allan Asplin - Team Leader -Judy Lindsay Team

Company Branding and Logo 

The original logo was one of the first logo's that M9 had developed. My friend and business associate Allan Asplin needed a logo and M9 was comissioned to create a brand that has become a staple of the Winnipeg Real Estate Market that helped launch his company to the #1 Real Estate Team in Winnipeg year after year. In 2014 Again M9 was commisioned to rebrand Judy Lindsay Team and we redeveloped both the logo and the website to what you see below.

Judy Lindsay Logo Design 2002 - 2014 Jusy Lindsay Logo Design 2014-Now

Website Design and Development

For Over 10 Years, M9 has been supporting and hosting Judy Lindsay Team website and online marketing. Below are three overall design revisions we have had the pleasure in designing, developing and upgrading over the years. Back in 2005 we took over the website, redesigned it and became the premiere website and host provider since 2005. In mid 2014 we again were commisioned to redesign the online presence of Judy Lindsay to bring them up to date with all the design and online features that allow them to be on the cutting edge of online marketting and promotion of their customers homes that they sell.

Judylindsay.com 2005 Judylindsay.com 2007 Judylindsay.com 2014


We have become a primary provider of a wide range of services and almost too many to list for Judy Lindsay Team. M9 has and continues to innovate, evolve and grow to bring our customers success in their business. Below is a list of services we provided and currently provide.

  •  Custom Content Management and Listing System
  •  SEO Marketing for Organic Search
  •  Adwords and marketing Campaigns
  •  Mobile Website and Innovation
  •  Reporting and Analytics

"I, Roger Syntak, as Owner and President of M9 Corporation,  want to thank Judy Lindsay for putting their faith in my company and myself over the years and want to personally express my appreciation for the trust you have bestowed in our skills."

Roger Syntak - President - M9 Corporation

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