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Word Press and 3rd Party Pre-built Website Software.

March 19th, 2015

As an ongoing series, I am sharing with you in this insight into different products and services that are on the Internet today.

 I would like to talk about online software for your website such as Word Press. I have found that in my experience working with Word Press. though it is easy to install and use, it has many drawbacks when it comes to overall use or ease-of-use as well as security features that are within the site.

Security Risks

Specifically what I want to share is a recent discovery that Word Press being a well renowned third-party software that you can install and download for free, that it has some security vulnerabilities that cannot be overlooked. There are people out there who are dedicated to the idea of hacking known website architects such as Word Press. The perception is that it would be easy to use and that you would've a low-cost for installation but unfortunately the ongoing cost to continually upgraded security, upgrading the software and the labour to continually be reviewing and changing passwords can become an exponential cost to you and your company.

So overall I would not recommend the installation and use of Word Press as a primary website tool for your business,  almost restrictively for this reason of its security risks.

Case Study

To give you an example of what I'm talking about I recently had a cut customer insist that we install Word Press as a primary software for their business website. Despite my warnings they insisted anyways,  because the person that was going to manage it has had Word Press experience before. The website was only up for three months and we had done all the proper security measures and updates on our server side,  as well as recommended to the customer to maintain security on the user side.  Despite these precautions  their website became hacked and links to pharmaceutical drugs Viagra and other inappropriate links began appearing on their website due to the fact that Word Press is an unsecure software.

The Alternative

M9 Corporation has been providing a custom-built website for template-based pricing for the last 10 years, we are full service company they can help you design implement and bring to life a website that not only will best represent your company your image it will also provide you tools that are very specific to what you actually will do and need on the Internet.  We provide ongoing SEO services that will allow the website perform well in Google. We offer ongoing updates, support and hosting.  Our method of building allow for you to have a website that will function for a good number of years, 3 to 4 years and be able to be reskinned with a new design so you don't have to rebuild your administration again with easy-to-use and very user-friendly content management systems that we've been developing proprietary for the last 10 years 

So it is my general opinion that third-party template prebuilt websites that claim to being able to do it all at a extremely low price. In reality they are very difficult to use and  they are not user-friendly, they have a steep learning curve on the administration site and overall because of the recent and continuing security risks to the  software you are literally wasting your money and time attempting to use these software. Any  company that is using this as a method of primarily building is putting you and your business at risk.

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