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The Changing Trends of The Web Industry

April 20th, 2015


 After 2000 the web industry at that time was filled with companies with pie-in-the-sky concepts, very little backing a lot of money and industry once the.com bubble burst there was a realization that quick and easy money on the Internet was not as quick as easy as people thought! The old adage build it and they will come was the downfall of many companies and a lot of investment companies lost a lot of money because of that philosophy.

The Last 13 Years

What I find fascinating in 13 years of business that M9 Corporation has been in operation in the changing face of the industry shortly after the .com bubble busrt there was this surge from businesses to return to more traditional forms of marketing such as brochures, billboards, business cards of course. With most opinions about websites being that, I'll build a brochure website but I'm not going to invest a lot of money into it. The first three years of business websites that were constructed were constructed with the purpose of being a supporting structure towards a simple tool of their business additional information or simply you did not look professional unless you had a website..

As people became more comfortable with websites, there became a fundamental realization that a website can be used to be a tool for business far beyond simple brochure. Such as managing documents or managing systems or policies etc. The next three or four years of business there was a general growth and people using the website as utility to support systems within their business as well as developing systems that allow them to maximize productivity. In the past three or four years there's been a surge of companies offering do-it-yourself or DYI type website templates that allow the end-user to produce their own website for very small if not minor cost per month basis. Though this has been a challenge for most web companies including ours coping with the the common question,  why should I pay you $2000 when I can do this for 200? This level of competition only caters to a specific customer demographic who are well motivated to do there on website and have the technical skills to see it through.

In the past couple years there's also being an increased amount of people capable of offering and producing websites many of which use some of these online resources to build simple websites and charge  larger amounts of money,  in order to maximize their profitability. How M9 Corporation is different, is that we still construct our websites with our own internal proprietary software as well as provide superior customer service and market evaluation upon meeting and creating a website. We commit ourselves to actually getting our websites to perform the way was intended but we also can construct utilities within that website that can maximize your productivity within your business and your employees.

In conclusion the stroll down memory lane related to the web industry and the different stages of its evolution, brings me to the future and today we're we as a company has survived, flourished and overcome many challenges to the different forms of competition and threats to our business. M9 Corporation is not only a company that innovates and changes with the times we also have the foundation of good solid business sense and model that allow us to continue to support create and build websites at will do exactly what they intend to do for a reasonable price.

M9 Corporation is well placed to continue to not only construct websites of sound principle but we are striving ahead to provide services that give you the customer the ability to drive traffic to your website through online search engines such as Google Search. With sound business practices and commonsense approach to websites and industry give you the customer the greatest advantage over your competition.

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