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May 21st, 2015


I wanted to share with you a process we have developed over many years of work and service to hundreds of customer all across Canada and the US. This process allows us to have a predictable timetable, transparent and Set pricing, and completion dates within days of the proposed time.
Website Design and Development
Overall this area relates to how the site looks and functions. Now there is a lot more to designing and building a site than you may think. First the creation of the design will be done to match your current logo and marketing you are doing. If this effort needs assist in the creation of marketing material, images or even a logo, M9 web design can assist you in this regard as well.
Logo Design and creation
This service is unique to your company and needs, whether just starting out or you are looking to get a new logo after years of being in business M9 can help you achieve the look and feel you want. If your needs exceed our ability, we have several businesses and designers who can assist you.
Website Design
Website design is not like making a brochure or designing a logo. A website designer must have a fundamental understanding of your business as well as a solid understanding of website navigation and flow. A website design goes way beyond a simple layout, you must design it in mind to allow for web applications and navigational rules.
M9 has designed and built hundreds of sites over the years, and we have adhered to a solid and simple methodology that has created sites that get to the point and get your customer to where you want them with as little confusion as possible.
Website Development
Once the site is designed, approved and signed off by you, we commence construction of the site based off a simple or complex flow chart we would have created for you as part of the planning stage of our services. During this process we acquire or write content, acquire or get photographs done and proceed to assemble the site and structure.
During the building of your site we will provide you a hidden link to it so you can see our progress and give us guidance when we need it. This area will allow you to be part of the building process and ensures you are 100% satisfied with the site.
Once final approval of this development site is done and signed off we will proceed to make it go live and attach it your domain name.
Thank you for taking the time to read this and hope it helps you understand our overall process.
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