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Google Search - How Google works

May 17th, 2015

Google Search

Google search is actually a very simple concept that a large majority of people don't really understand how it works. When you type in your keyword phrase to find what you are looking for on the Internet. You type in a keyword phrase into the Google search field, who will goes to work accessing a very large and very extensive database of keyword phrases in terms through our the internet.

How Google works

Google spends a large amount of time developing what I like to call artificial inteligence, this intelligence is in a form of a Google bot that roams the Internet finding websites, combing through them and reporting the content that it finds there back to a central Google database. This content becomes the basis of that database and through an extensive algorithm Google assesses websites legitimacy and relevance is an actual functional website for real business service or product that you possibly might be looking for.

The example

To give you an example of a website phrase and the variation on that phrase we will work with the word phrase Winnipeg web design , this word phrase has three distinct words that Google will primary look for within a websites content that it crawls. Now based off of the overall content on all pages the website and how it relates to this word phrase combination Google will put a weight on how important that word phrases according to website and then rank them. If a variation on a word phrase like Winnipeg website design occurs then Google will use partial wording to help find websites that are relevant for your search.

Though Google seems to operate very quickly and very simply, the algorithm that controls the database is quite extensive, complicated and very robust. Google's primary focus is provide relevant results to your search inquiries so that the top 10-20 results you get are legitimate businesses, products or services that you are looking for.

Google has achieved an amazing accuracy for its algorithm and and is very aggressive and ensuring that spamming sites, directory site and other sites that have no real relevance to your search term show up in your listing.

So in conclusion, when you type in your search word phrase into the Google search field and you get your results within a few seconds, you have to understand the complex machine that occurs behind the scenes to ensure that you find what you're looking for and in the case of a business, you have to ensure you have the right content put into the right combination on your website with an effort to continually keep the content up-to-date adding new content and continuing keeping website growing.

M9 web design can assist you in creating a website that will both be attractive to Google, will be developed with a firm understanding of how Google works, and after sales program that involves formula that is most attractive to the Google search through monthly updates to content and your website.

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