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Organic Versus Paid CPC search

June 26th, 2015

First let us define what organic search results are versus cost per click search results.

Organic search results

Organic search results is the natural algorithm that Google uses to evaluate and rank your site based off of relevancy and legitimacy. There are four things that Google looks for in your website this is a generalization and not an exhaustive list.

Here they are:

  1. Website Structure
  2. Content and Keywords 
  3. Updated with New content 
  4. Back Linking

Using Content, Site Structure, and updating said content monthly, you can SEO your website, or Search Engine Optimize it to maximize it to be as attractive to Google as possible. Unfortunately this can take months to move up your rankings.

Google Paid Search

Google paid search or CPC cost per click is an active keyword campaigns where you pay to advertise on the first page of Google. This process involves picking out keywords, paying anywhere from $0.50 to $10 per click or more for that keyword phrase; if somebody types that keyword phrase into Google you ad will show up. Though it is instantaneous, meaning you get to the first page of Google quickly it is only active as long as you're paying for it. Minimum budgets in order to have an effective campaign will start at $250 and up month.

The fundamental difference between these two is organic is a natural way of optimizing your website be attractive to Google. Organic search results can be more interesting to the end consumer and for the majority is what people look for. Ads are often not considered when people are selecting what they want to click on in Google search.

Google CPC or cost per click paid advertising normally occupies the very top of the Google search or the right-hand side. Unfortunately when people click on this they tend not to know what they're looking for. I state this because of the bounce rate on average we see from both these campaigns.


Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the engagement of users on your website which you can find Google analytics. We have found through analyzing statistics and analytics that on average the bounce rate for organic search clicks normally is around 25% where a paid advertisement can be as high as 90% bounce rate.

So if you had a choice between paying to have your website search engine optimized for SEO or paying for an advertisement through Google's paid search it seems obvious that paying for optimization and making your website attractive is a better option due to the better engagement of your customer base. 



Not only is the bounce rate lower for organic search results then paid prepaid click result we have also come to notice that people who come in through organic search results have a better engagement and conversion to make contact with companies and provide leads through contact forms or other means of contact. This is significant because it leads us to believe that organic search results are far more valuable form of traffic to your website then paying for a cpc campaign

Organic search results unfortunately take time for Google to rank you in the top 10 or first page of Google and in the meantime paid search like Ad words for Google is an excellent option to get immediate presence on the main page until you can get your organic search results and your website into the first page of Google for the keyword phrases that you prefer.


Which is Better?

It's in our opinion that it is better for you to do a dual campaign and then wean yourself off of CPC or paid advertising once your website organic search results has enough presence to overtake you're paying advertising


Google Search Results

Here is where Organic Search Results and Paid Advertising or CPC Campaigns Appear on Google Search.



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