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Is your website doing all it can make you money?

August 27th, 2015

Build It and They Will Come!

The old idea that if you build it they will come is more untrue today than it was when it first was said. A more accurate statement is if you build it, invest in it, change and update it they will come. 

Bottom line is a website is only as good as the marketing that you have invested into it. Most people who build a website are looking for only a onetime cost and once it's built they expect it to simply work with no real idea on how to make it work for them. This idea is simply not true; overall it is keenly important to consider your website only as good as the amount time, energy and money you invest into it each month. 

M9 - Nine Methods of Marketing your Business Online

  1. Customer Online Search Research and Analytics / City / Province / Country / Continent and how you will market to your geographic area and beyond
  2. Marketing Message / Mission Statement / Brand Logo / Call To Action
  3. Website Design and Development / Marketing Message Online Implemented
  4. Custom User Interface and Interaction / How people navigate and work through your site and marketing message
  5. Social Media Marketing and Implementation / Supports Organic Search Results and Expands to Social Media tapping into friend and associate referrals
  6. SEO Starter Package, allows for your website to maximize your investment dollars
  7. Google Ad words Marketing and Campaign
  8. Content Writing and Updates to Site / Monthly Articles / Title and Meta Updates / Alt Tags and Header Tags Updates Monthly
  9. Custom Monthly Traffic Report / Traffic / Google Organic Search Traffic / Traffic Flows / Customer Interaction / ROI / Goal Setting and Reporting of Success 

We have perfected this system to better serve our customers and their marketing efforts. There are some universal rules that do apply to all business, but these are few, where each business, customer and marketing needs have to be customized to each business in order for you to achieve an monthly stream of contacts, quote requests and customer requests which fill your marketing and sales funnels and converts leads into sales, which then allow you to justify your time, effort and marketing funds into this monthly system that has been proven by many of our current customers into converting traffic into leads and then into business. 

M9 Corporation specializes and is experts in working these 9 methods of marketing your company online into real customers and getting a return on your investment while tracking, modifying and expanding your marketing plan month to month with real data and stats that tell you’re what are actually happening on your website. 

Please give us a call, or contact us through our contact form or our Request a quote form and allow us to present you will the opportunity to get your website firing on all cylinders and begin making you money instead of costing you.









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