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Roger Syntak - President M9 Corporation

Roger Syntak - President 

Progect Manager - Marketing and Sales

Roger is a consumate professional who always works very hard to ensure that every customer and project gets the attention it deserves. Roger Holds a degree in Graphics Design & Marketing as well as Certified Google Analytics and Google Search. His wide range of skills allow him to help you translate your website vision into reality.

One of his greatest assets is to bring the right people with the expertise together to get the job done right the first time. With a dedication to doing exactly what is required to do, working closely with clients time and time again, M9 Corporation completes the projects on time, on budget and with satisfied customers.


Bo Guan - Vice President M9 Corporation

Bo Guan - Vice President

Senior Graphic Designer

Bo Guan is an experienced artist who brings a wealth of experience to M9 Corporation. She is a talented Graphic Designer who helps keep M9 on the forefront of design.

Bo has had a life-long love of drawing, painting and teaching that she developed at the Central China Normal University Institute of Fine Arts in Wuhan, China. She also teaches at Kwang Studio where she provides an encouraging and caring environment to help her students learn and grow.

M9 Corporation is the company it is today because of designers such as Bo.


Jeff Bell - Internet Specialist M9 Corporation

Jeff Bell - Operations Manager

Internet Technology Specialist

Jeff Bell has over 20 years of experience in the computer industry and brings excellence and great knowledge to M9. He owns a company called Information Age which  is dedicated to providing the highest quality computer and network hardware in combination with a level of customer service that is unmatched in the industry. Providing complete networking solutions, Information Age services your unique business needs.

With Jeff's added capabilities to M9 and it's SEO and Google Organic abilities allow us to service our customers at a whole new level.


Tony Dorge - Senior Programmer M9 Corporation

Anthony Dorge - Chief Programmer

M9 Corporation

Tony is a highly skilled programmer who brings unmatched dedication to M9 Corporation. He is the Chief Programmer for M9 with over 15 years. In his spare time he is working on his game, as part of his gaming company CronoForge.

He is the primary architech of the new M9 Corp CMS 2.0 system and he continually improves the system which has a revolutionary design that merges customer website needs with a templated updatable system.


Esther Corriveau-Dorge - Content Writer

Esther comes to M9 Corporation in the capacity of content writer.

With an interest in writing, Esther finds she can utilize her skills in the marketing aspect of writing. She finds content writing both interesting and challenging.


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