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Beginnings 2001

M9 began in late 2001 as a desktop publishing and graphic design company. The first inclusion was called CyberCom Graphics Design. Our original focus was on Logo design, brochures, business cards and other print material. For the first couple of years of business we began to grow our company, one client at a time, working hard to give good value and providing good customer service.

This experience has proved beneficial creating a firm foundation in marketing and promotions. We have a good grasp on what works and what does not work.

Transitions 2004

By 2003-2004, demand for websites started to emerge from the dotcom bubble. Several of my clients requested websites, thus beginning M9 Webdesign and offering website development services. From 2004-2010, we constructed well over 200 websites for local Winnipeg businesses and some national ones as well.

Evolution of Services 2010

As of 2010, we have been pushing deeper into SEO, Social media and online site marketing. Our desire was to have the website perform well for our clients. Previously our clients were doing the marketing for their own websites. This proved to be detrimental for the clients as they did not have the wherewithal to market their own sites. Their assumption was, once built, it would take care of itself.

The Future 2016 and beyond

Technology is constantly changing and evolving. Keeping track of this process can be incredibly difficult for a business owner to do on their own. M9 is a full services company that continues to evolve with the technologies and the constant changes of the internet, apps, search and web. You do not have to stand alone. We will partner with you to ensure you are at the cutting edge of innovation.

As we push forward into the future, M9 Corporation will continue to stay on top of new online developments and help customers understand and take full advantage of them.

Who We Are and What we can do for you!

M9 Corporation is a muti-faceted company of many services and service professionals who are experts in their field. Through our growth, we have evolved our expertise to be able to take your ideas and develop it from Concept to Completion through all mediums and marketing.

M9 looks forward to working with you. Please call us for more information at 204-228-2435 or if you would like an online quote, please Request a Quote from us.
M9 Web Design
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M9 Web Design M9 Web Design M9 Web Design
M9 Web Design
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